Friday, June 10, 2011

Mixing Family and Business

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to do a little bit of business and have a little bit of personal time as well. Our senior high choir started their choir tour on Thursday and their first stop was Augusta, where my parents live. I decided to join them for the day and then spend a couple of days with my parents.
Thomas and I spent the day hanging around my dad's house, visiting a friend in Aiken and partaking in some treats :)

Thomas even tried my favorite meal--pinto beans, fried potatoes and cornbread. Yeah, we're from the South, y'all.

We also got a chance to go to Lookaway Hall in North Augusta, SC (where I graduated high school) and take some photos. I really needed a baby wrangler to help with these, but I got some "okay" shots of him playing with the house in the background.

 I spent an extra night than I intended. I wasn't feeling great and was pretty tired all weekend. I guess all the excitement from the weekend caught up with me, and I was just tuckered out!