Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nerd Love

Birthdays are always a super big deal to me. It's a day when people get an entire day celebrated to their life, their accomplishments and looking to the future. Today we got to celebrate my husband's birthday and in addition to its regular pomp and circumstance, there was one more thing that made this even more exciting:

My husband's birthday isn't until September 15. The reason for celebrating so early was because of his gift so I wanted to make it super special in addition to the early celebration.

Throughout the day I gave my husband clues that would spell out his ultimate gift. The first clue was a birthday card with a pirate saying, "Arrrr!" So "R" was his first clue. The next was a little bit easier: a new folder for school with a "N" written on it. Later in the day I changed his Facebook profile picture to the University of Alabama "A." (We both went to Alabama and are huge football fans.) A friend of ours randomly texted him the letter "G." I sent him a picture of a carbon dioxide sign. This was to represent "C," and two "Os." My son brought home a dye cut letter "N."

Finally he was given a Star Wars sound card from Hallmark with fifty dollars and a "D" inside."


Got it yet? Unless you're a huge nerd (like my husband), you probably don't. So here it is: Dragon Con.

Dragon Con is a huge geek fest hosted in Atlanta each year during Labor Day weekend, hence the need to deliver the gift prior to September 15. There are all kinds of guest speakers, usually stars, writers and creators of Sci Fi movies and TV shows, workshops and some ca-razy costumes.

I'm totally not into the nerd scene, but he is. And I know he loves it. And he knows I am not. Our first date we rode 60 mph down the highway with him talking about role playing. Not naughty nurse/dirty doctor role playing, but what-dice-should-I-use-so-my-elf-can-kill-your-dwarf role playing.

I wanted to tuck and roll out of that '99 Chevy Silverado.

But this is his thing. He loves it and for the most part, I don't have to be involved in it--sort of like him and my blogging. He tells me about some of his "adventures," and I smile and listen because I love him and want to take an interest in what he loves. Over the years I've gotten into some of the Sci Fi movies and a few of the shows, but that's where I draw the far. :)

Nerd love.

What are some things your significant other is into that you have little or no interest in?

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  1. Wow! I absolutely love how you think. What a neat idea! I am an R P G fan. Lucky hubby!


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