Friday, August 19, 2011

My Boys

I'll never forget that morning on December 15, 2009. After I forked over my co-pay and a sweet, bubbly nurse checked my vitals, I was taken to the exam room at the end of the hall. Of course it's the last one, I thought. The anticipation is killing me.

I was told to get on the bed, get under the sheet and lift up my shirt. Then came the "this is going to be cold and gooey" spiel from the ultrasound tech. Blah, blah, blah. I don't care if you dump arctic ice on my body--let's do this!

She searched around til she found what I assumed was my baby, but also looked like a gas bubble. She made some key strokes on the monitor, looked at the screen and then turned to ask the question we had been dying to hear: "Do you want to know the sex?"


It's a boy.
And there it was. Like a little flag claiming its future in skinned knees, throwing rocks and driving fast cars. I was so excited, and I looked to my husband and could tell he was withholding a "YES!!" or "Woohoo!" As soon as we got in the car he had to call his dad to let him know that the future of the family was secure with the procreation of our son.

Our son.

It would be five more months until we would meet the little gymnast, but my husband talked all the time about being a dad and having a bouncing baby boy. To say he was excited was an understatement.

When Thomas was born, my husband cried, something I had only see him do a handful of times up to that point. He was a trooper about helping take care of him in the hospital and was a stellar dad straight from the beginning.

A daddy is born.

They've always had an incredible bond, and my husband is a trooper when it comes to caring for Thomas. The first week we were home we slept in the same room with the little man. One night Josh got up with him and as he stood there shirtless holding Thomas and rocking him in the moonlight of that tiny green and brown bedroom, I realized something:

There is nothing sexier than a man with a baby!

What do you love about your husband and child's relationship? Comment below!
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I like to watch them bonding over simply being male. Last night my 5 year old said to my husband "this is kinda fun just us boys on the couch watching football" husband was on cloud 9 :)

    Stopping by from Favorite things Friday at Finding Joy!

  2. oh, I love watching my husband with the girls! great post!

  3. Beautiful post. The pictures are wonderful. And, you've really captured the father/son bond perfectly.

    Blessings to you!



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