Monday, July 18, 2011

Squirrel Days of Summer

It's an odd thing to think about--the squirrel days of summer. When I think about the dog days of summer, I think of an old dog sitting on an antebellum porch, panting and trying to escape the heat.
That has not been our summer.
The reason for my long absence has been well within reason. We haven't had a whole lot of free time since the end of May. There was the trek to Arizona for the wedding of our dear friend Ryan and his new bride, Chrissy. It was a great way to reunite with old friends, make new ones and reminisce about "old times." I miss these people so much when we're not around them!
I did have a chance to blog about our trip to Augusta that was both a little business and pleasure. It was all back to business a few weeks later when Thomas would head back to Augusta a few weeks later while I worked on our mission project, Tucker Interfaith Mission Experience. I'm so incredibly proud of these 45+ students who gave up five days of their summer to re-roof houses in our community. It was hot as blazes, and they pushed through to get four houses done. I can't post photos of them, but here's a shot of me rockin' my best Rosie the Riveter look.

Thomas went to Camp Grandma while I worked days and nights, Josh volunteered some during the day and worked at the Children's Home at night. We were all ecstatic to be reunited at a Cracker Barrel off of I-20.

Thomas sitting on pins and needles waiting on Momma. (Taken with Grandma's crappy camera phone.)
I took a 36 hour break and turned around to take five of our student leaders on a leadership retreat in North Georgia. Despite being absolutely exhausted, it was great to be in a laid back environment with the students and get to know them better...but I still missed  my baby. He was in good hands with Daddy, though.
The next weekend we went to Alabama to spend the Fourth with family. I love that my baby boy is loved and cared for by so many people. Multiple generations gathered around the table for celebrating life and, inevitably, the family drama. Thomas had a great time visiting Josh's family's farm. His lack of fear had me a little worried though.

What am I gonna do with that boy?
In July we hit the ground running. I began prepping for two major summer events--the Harry Potter Lock In and Youth Week. Josh and I also volunteered with our church's VBS. Josh led the fourth grade group (which is hysterical if you know my husband and his true feelings about children other than his own), and I helped with the mission project activity. All 220 children ages 4-11 bagged 10,000 meals for a country overseas. That's right. Four year olds. Bagging meals of rice, soy protein, dehydrated veggies and a vitamin pack. Yeaaaaaah...

The lock in was a hit although I'm still feeling the effects of being up all night and working 59 hours in one week. I'm hitting the ground running this week to get ready for Youth Week next week--eight days of morning mission projects, evening activities, leading worship, whitewater rafting, tubing and going to baseball games. One would think I'd be done after that, but no, I still have CPR to do. No, not cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Community Prayer Room. We're encouraging our community to pray for our students, teachers, parents and administrators 72 hours prior to school kicking off on August 8.
Which just so happens to be when this little squirrel starts her vacation.

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