Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth!

This weekend we went to Alabama for one of my favorite holidays: Independence Day. In addition to celebrating our nation's independence, I love, as you can tell, spending time with my family. We kicked off the weekend by meeting up with my grandparents over at my aunt's house. 
My granddaddy was absolutely enthralled with Thomas.

As was everyone else:

The most special moment was when Thomas got to meet his great, great grandmother. It's special for obvious reasons--how many people can say they've met their great, great grandmother? I know I can't. But one week before Thomas was born--on May 13--my grandfather, my great grandmother's son, suddenly died at the age of 68. It was completely unexpected. We all were shocked. As soon as I told my granddad that we were pregnant, he began talking about a five-generation picture and how special it would be. Family was number one to him and it was apparent in everything he did. So we didn't get an official five generation picture like he wanted, but we got did the best we could:
We also got a picture of my mom's family and Thomas. On that side we have four continuous generations
Overall it was a great weekend. We visited everyone we could, showed Thomas off, went shopping and actually managed to get some rest while other family members helped take care of Little Man. It was great being around family. We laughed at one another, we still cried over the loss of my grandfather and talked about memories and the future. 

Oh the future...

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